Welcome to the Bird Cage...

The Gin Canaries are an eclectic collection of musicians who just happened to find each other, like following music through an open window. These birds are not your typical musicians. Each comes from a different breed: classically trained, self learned, vintage obsessed, full time, part time, whiskey drinkers, tee totalers...but I digress. But, the one thing they have in common is their love of the jazz era. From the 20's to the 40's, some of the greatest music was made, and these birds aim to bring it back to life so it's never forgotten.




News and what-not!

Join the Canaries at the  Glen Foerd roaring 20s Regatta June 17 6pm


Get your Brewhaus on with the Canaries at  Stoudt's Microfest June 21 from 6-10


Join us every 4th Sunday at Earth Bread 8-10


Blue Comet in Glenside, every 1st Saturday from 6-10. Visit our Facebook page for other dates


Congratulations to Mr. David Graves on his article in the Chestnuthill Local! Read it!

The Gin Canaries love weddings, birthdays, funerals, and well, really any event where the crowd is hopping and the cocktails are flowing.
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The Gin Canaries are working on some recordings so hold tight! But, we do have some tunes to feed your need HERE.



Call us today! 215.748.8628 or drop us a line: dave @ gincanaries dot com